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2020 Rewind

COVID-19 has made 2020 into one of the most challenging years in recent times. Everyone has had to adapt to huge amounts of change both within their personal and working situations and its not been easy or enjoyable in the slightest.

In a year of many difficulties and changes, I feel like I’ve been so lucky to work with such a talented and devoted team who continue to push me to achieve the best that I can. 2020 was the year that I got to remove the “junior” from my job role, becoming a fully fledged Front End developer, ready to take on the next challenges of my career.

This year, I’ve also finally found what feels like my place within the Space48 team, focusing on Front End SaaS projects in BigCommerce and Shopify which is a role I love. It’s been roughly 15 months since I was chucked into the deep end with SaaS platforms, at a point in my career where I was struggling to find the development route I wanted to take, and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing.

We’ve seen such a shift within the e-commerce industry towards SaaS platforms over the past year, including startups and new merchants venturing into the online world for the first time due to the pandemic, and its incredible to see the power and opportunity that this in turn can give to a client, how family businesses can reach new audiences, and how by working together, companies can thrive.

What I’ve seen this year is people making the best out of these uncertain times we’ve been through. Space48 went fully remote and have since gone from strength to strength, and put a lot of faith in the youth by bringing in several “junior” developers. I’ll likely write another post about this one day as its something I think about a lot, but putting an emphasis on bringing in graduates or “juniors” and helping them develop their skills and build a career is the future. I’ve said it for a long time, all a junior developer needs is a chance. A chance to show what they can do and given that chance, they’ll blow you away with their talent. Space48 have done exactly that, we’ve brought in several junior developers this year and I’ve also had the pleasure of working closely with a few, and to tell the truth, their talent is outstanding. Each one has hit the ground running and are now huge members of the team, and I’m hoping this will continue to be the case for years to come.

Going fully remote, as much as it has been a huge change, has been something I’ve hugely enjoyed and gives me more of a chance to work to a schedule that suits me and the commitments that I have. As a result of this, I feel like I’m working much more effectively and efficiently, being able to utilise my time and focus both on client projects and personal development. No longer am I constricted to the office opening hours, I can spend as long as I want, glued to the screen, finding even more things to try (even more unfinished personal projects anyone?).

2021? I’m hoping 2021 will be a vastly different year for the world but in a work sense, I’m hoping for much of the same successes. I’ve got so much planned that I want to achieve to really push forward my knowledge and build practical projects that can be used to solve a business problem. One of the things I’m most excited to look at is BigCommerce’s recent developments on a native Pagebuilder and Global Regions, allowing a merchant to control more dynamic content themselves, and to really be able to tell a story to a consumer. This was a feature that many people had been looking for and its introduction and development is a real credit to BigCommerce and how they’re always listening to their partners and merchants to further improve the platform.

To my friends and family, thank you for your continued support. Even though this year it’s had to be at a distance, you’ve all been incredible and it means a lot to know I’ve got such a great support system around me. Hopefully 2021 is the year we can live our lives freely and see each other again.

Space48ers, you’re the best team I could imagine working with. The changes that have been made over the past year are a huge credit to the team and the culture that has been built. Everyone has adapted to such big changes so quickly and I’m blessed to say I work for such a brilliant company with brilliant people building brilliant sites.

Dan, Dan, Dan. What to say about you. I can’t put into words how much I appreciate your support, advice and everything you’ve taught me over the past few years. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and helped me achieve, we’ve put together some pretty good work this year, I’m looking forward to even more for 2021. You’re an exceptionally talented guy, and an even better friend colleague friend. Here’s to many more years working together.

Adios 2020, 2021 can’t be any worse surely?